What Clients are Saying

“Thank you, again, for coaching our manager. As a result of your work with her – especially your supportive approach – she grew in resiliency, self-confidence, and communication skills.”

—Mary Pat, Client

“I have worked with Laurie for over three years and continue to see great value in her insights for my personal development, our employee satisfaction and performance, and overall company growth. I would recommend her to any decision maker seeking to take what they are doing to the next level.”

Eric Harmon, Publisher/President, Cincy Magazine

“Laurie’s coaching during my year in the WE Lead program was very beneficial. She helped me to think about my short term and long term career objectives in a different and unique way. The way she framed out my personal strategy assisted me to evaluate my goals more effectively than I could have done on my own.”

Denise deSilva Litter, Management Consulting

“Laurie has that great ability to listen and then drill down to the root cause of a situation. She then provides comment and support that guides you to the correct course of action. She asks the hard questions and then holds you accountable to your answers. Being a family business, we have seen that Laurie does not shrink from tackling the tough issues.”

Mark Maltbie, Owner, Star Moving and Storage

“I always know that Laurie is there for me and that she truly cares about me and my success. Her greatest value to me is her ability to help me see beyond the day to day operation and focus on the big picture of where I am going and my path to get there.”

Kim Smith, Owner, Anthony’s Dry Cleaner

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