Changing the way you handle stress.

Is this you?

You have a high stress position at work. You are unable to focus, and stress is affecting your results. You feel like you don’t have any control over your situation. You feel like the rules of the game keep changing. You overreact to stressful situations and lash out, or simply shut down. Your health and well-being are damaged by your stressful life. You are not taking care of yourself in the way that you want to.

Stress Less Workshops with Laurie can help you:

  • Learn life management skills to help you deal with stress.
  • Discover the real causes of your stress and help you neutralize them.
  • Deal with stressful situations with grace.
  • Stop the cycle of lashing out, blaming others, or hurting yourself with bad habits due to stress.

What is the Stress Less program?

The core curriculum consists of 4 hour-long group sessions, spaced one week apart. A workbook completed between each session helps create new habits around dealing with stress. Individual follow up sessions after the program are also available.

Who are Stress Less Workshops for?

  • Individuals looking to reduce the impact of stress on their lives.
  • Corporate groups and teams wanting to reduce job stress.
  • Business owners and executives wanting to take care of themselves to be a better leader.

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About Stress Less Workshops

Stress Less Workshops are powerful stress reduction programs designed to skyrocket your focus, clarity, and productivity by changing the way you handle stress.

Stress Less Workshops teach a scientifically based and proven set of life skills that helps you use your mind to change your mind. Simply put, Stress Less training teaches you the secret to living your life in a calm and relaxed state, no matter what is occurring in your life.

The program was developed in Cincinnati by stress expert Katie Hoffman, whose programs have helped dozens of major companies by teaching their employees to handle stress.

Laurie Althaus of Now and Next was certified as a Stress Less Coach in 2015, and is now leading Stress Less Workshops for groups and individuals.

Learn more about Stress Less Workshops or contact Laurie to book a workshop with her.