Laurie help corporate leaders be more confident, and develop leadership skills.

Is this you?

You are a successful corporate leader, but you are feeling overwhelmed by company growth and increase responsibilities. You are losing the battle to have balance between your work and your life. You are being micromanaged, and you know you can work autonomously. Your team is not functioning as well as you would like.

Laurie can guide you in:

  • Increased productivity within team.

  • Better work-life balance.

  • Freedom from day-to-day tasks to focus on areas of growth.

  • Gaining more autonomy from and for owners.

Corporate leaders working with Laurie have reported:

  • Developing better leadership skills.

  • Being able to engage their team more effectively.

  • Increased confidence.

What to do next.

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Case Study: Operations Manager

Laurie coaches a newly promoted, overwhelmed operations manager in communication and leadership skills, helping her achieve greater productivity in the company and better balance in her life.

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Case Study: Magazine Owner

Laurie coaches a young entrepreneur wanting to be more independent from the parent company in developing a subsidiary business.

Download the Case Study