Laurie helps successful business owners take it to the next level.

Is this you?

You have reached success utilizing what you know and are ready for more. You want to get to the next level in business and life.

You are ready to grow your business or you are growing, but you feel overwhelmed, your life is chaotic, you’re pulled in every direction. You may be challenged by a team that isn’t working fluidly together, or a transition that isn’t going smoothly.

Laurie can guide you in:

  • Strategic planning: clarifying/aligning personal and business goals.
  • Selecting the right people (skills and character).
  • Getting your team’s alignment/buy-in: employee/team engagement.
  • Getting everyone on board with your vision via communication (leadership).
  • Being able to trust your team.
  • Being able to trust that you have the right people and plan to move forward (and the coaching support to facilitate).

Business owners working with Laurie have reported:

  • Increases in sales.
  • Greater employee motivation/engagement.
  • Greater freedom for owner.

What to do next.

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Case Study: Healthcare Consultants

Laurie helps the owners of a healthcare consultation company take advantage of a significant growth opportunity.

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Case Study: Energy Management

Laurie helps the overwhelmed owners of a successful energy management company achieve greater control and freedom.

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Case Study: Magazine Owner

Laurie helps a young entrepreneur expand his established business into new markets.

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