About DISC

Laurie is a DISC Certified Behavioral Analyst, a system designed to provide insight into an individual’s behavioral style in their work environment.

This system helps management better understand potential candidates, members of their work team, and assist work team members in identifying their personal strengths and areas in need of improvement.

DISC helps identify characteristics such as:

  • Notable Primary Behaviors – how a person prefers to function in the work environment.
  • Potential Strengths in Business.
  • Preferred Work Environment – Outlines the work environment a person is most comfortable and productive in.
  • Personal Growth Suggestions – behavioral tendencies that may slow or hinder a person’s performance.
  • Communication Builders – Suggestions to improve communication, reinforce relationships, promote credibility and gain increased productivity.
  • Personal Performance Motivators – the behavioral motivational needs of a person for top performance.
  • Communication Barriers – what others do, say, or use that can hamper communication, relationships, and productivity.
  • Personal Enhancement – behavioral needs and wants that allow a person to perform at his/her best.
  • Adjustment to the Work Environment – how a person adjusts his/her primary behavior to meet the requirements of the workplace.
  • Strengths to the Team – positive behaviors the person.

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