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My Greatest Mentor

I was asked recently who my greatest teachers and mentors have been in business. My mind goes directly to a time in my entrepreneurial life when I was overwhelmed, flying by the seat of my pants and afraid, because I really did not know what I was doing! I have...

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Truthful & Bold – My Theme for the year

As I move into 2018 with anticipation, curiosity and resolve I find myself planning how the year will ideally fall out. I abandoned New Year’s Resolutions years ago and have replaced it with My Intention and a Theme of The Year. Intention comes from a deeper place...

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An Unlikely Mentor

Bob was my first mentor in business and life.Interestingly enough, Bob did not have a college degree so he did not arrive with the knowledge of how to create a solid marketing strategy. His accounting philosophy was simple and lacking spreadsheets or formulas to...

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