The Now & Next Difference

The Personal Coach for Professionals

Laurie Fitzgerald Althaus, the entrepreneur behind Now & Next, is a seasoned personal coach with certifications in leadership, stress management, behavioral analysis, and executive coaching. Read Laurie’s professional distinctions and biography.

What is Laurie’s Motivation?

When asked WHY she does what she does Laurie responds: “I am passionate about helping people be their best by helping them maneuver through the obstacles that hold them back from their ideal life and business. I have a unique and powerful gift that allows me to help others in the same way I’ve been helped. It is my purpose in this life to use that gift to help others”

“I have faced personal and business obstacles and continue to work through the obstacles that show up. I know the importance of having a coach who can help me see what I may not be able to see the obstacles that I may not.”

The Wisdom of Over 30 Years of Business Success

With experience as a corporate executive with Fortune 500 companies, and as the owner of three businesses, Laurie Fitzgerald Althaus offers entrepreneurs and executives her own proven strategies to tackle the issues that affect their success and personal satisfaction.

Laurie has served as a trusted adviser to hundreds of business owners, managers, and teams.

A certified business coach since 2007, Laurie’s style is simple, direct, and creative. She asks the hard questions and helps sort the details while guiding individuals and groups to brainstorm strategies for growth and success. The work is not over until there is a clear action plan to success and leaders are motivated and renewed.

Laurie’s insightful, game-changing perspectives help leaders find clear solutions to their most persistent and pressing challenges, while creating alignment, empowerment and accountability within teams to achieve business goals. Ultimately, Laurie’s clients enjoy much deeper and total satisfaction with their businesses, careers, and life.

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