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Laurie is a seasoned personal coach and certified business coach.

Through my years working with hundreds of businesses, I have found that our pivotal work was rarely about the business; it was more about the people in the business. Laurie Fitzgerald Althaus

Laurie has served as a trusted adviser to hundreds of business owners, managers, and teams. Her insightful, game-changing perspectives help leaders find clear solutions to their most persistent and pressing challenges, while creating alignment, empowerment and accountability within teams to achieve business goals. Ultimately, Laurie’s clients enjoy much deeper and total satisfaction with their businesses, careers, and life.

Over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur.

With over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur—in her roles as a corporate executive with fortune 500 companies, and as the owner of three businesses—Laurie offers business owners and managers plenty of wisdom and strategies when tackling issues that affect their business success and personal satisfaction. Laurie helps leaders create or remember their vision, concentrate on their strengths in communication and leadership, and identify where their skills lie, to ultimately help them develop a team and a plan. Sessions with Laurie serve as a confidential space for those with busy, hectic lives to get their head on straight in order to stay on task with their goals.

ClaimLinx hired Laurie as our personal coach. She helped us understand our skill sets as owners and our employees’ s kill sets. We reviewed our culture and are developing a plan for our company that empowers our employees and gives us more flexibility. Christy Quigley, ClaimLinx

Laurie helps the leaders get the team “on the bus”.

By helping her clients understanding their priorities and obstacles more clearly, Laurie expertly facilitates communication within teams to help bridge gaps and clarify expectations, thereby establishing greater accountability and results:

Whether I was working for myself or for others, I’ve always leveraged my people skills, communication, and collaborative team building to achieve business goals and create customer loyalty. Laurie Althaus

Defining goals and setting a course.

In addition to working with business leaders and their teams, Laurie works with individuals who are searching for meaning and advancement in their current or future positions. Individuals who participate in Laurie’s programs are able to define their personal goals in their career and life in order to move from a “working a job” mentality to a thoughtful and focused career path. To complement her coaching, Laurie has a team of consultants and professionals that she works with in order to bring clients specialized services for their unique project or situation.

How to connect with Laurie.

Through Now & Next, Laurie offers a variety of coaching services: one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and a variety of workshops. To find the best solution for her clients, she initially meets that individual to assess their situation and develops the best coaching plan for them.

Laurie is also an executive coach for the US Regional Chamber’s WeLead program, a leadership development program for women in mid to upper level management positions. She is also a certified coach with Stress Less Workshops, a stress management program that teaches Life Skills that can be used to reduce stress and build confidence in individuals, groups, and organizations.

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