A man went to the top of the mountain where the Master was sitting. He said, “Master, what’s the meaning of life?” The Master looked at him intently and spoke into his soul: “You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around. That’s what it’s all about.” When I saw the bumper sticker the other day, I thought, “what a funny joke!,” but then I thought, “what a serious joke it is, too.”

Life has a way of turning us around when we least expect it. In the song, “You turn yourself around” has deep implications when it’s time to make a change and you want to be the change.

3 tips I see from the wisdom of the hokey pokey are:

1) When you put all the different parts of yourself into the mix–your feet, hands, and head–you’re getting ready to transform everything. Getting ready looks like evaluating where you are now, inventorying what is working and what isn’t, and making a plan for change.

2) Then you put your whole self in and shake it all about by committing to the plan and working it. Shake up the status quo and do things in a new way.

3) You do the hokey pokey by having fun, not taking yourself too seriously, and allowing for adjustments along the way. Then you turn yourself around.

And that’s what it’s all about!

If you don’t know about the hokey pokey, here is a short kids YouTube video,


Have fun and remember: life is short; make it sweet!