In this video, Brene talks about the importance of boundaries and how we are often confused or skewed in thinking around compassion and empathy.

Two client sessions this week touched on this topic. The desire or calling to help others was leading them to frustration and resentment when the people they want to help were not responding. We talked about the keys to helping others effectively.

1. Gain permission from the individual. Have they asked for help and at what level are they able to accept your help? Asking and accepting help are different.

2. Know your boundaries and hold to them. Brene talks about the importance of helping others while holding to your boundaries. “Without boundaries there is no Compassion. Without boundaries there is no empathy”

3. Centering yourself in the truth. Ego can lead us to feelings of resentment and anger when help is not accepted in the way we want. Expecting others to live by our rules is not fair or helpful. Accepting people where they are and not pushing them into our notion of success is ego-less and truly serving.

This is a powerful 5-minute video. Thank you to Brene for helping me reinforce my truth and to help others.