company cultureThe Situation

The owners of a Healthcare Consulting Firm with revenues of $1.5 million felt that the company was moving into a period of potentially significant growth. To be ready for the potential growth, the owners felt that a thorough knowledge of skill gaps and employee relationship issues needed to be addressed.

The Solution

Laurie and the owners identified several goals to accomplish…

  • Define the overall company objectives and the kind of culture that the owners would like to have
  • Position the company for future growth by securing foundational elements within the company
  • Understand the strengths and the opportunities for growth among the owners and employees
  • Make the hiring process more deliberate in order to “get the right people on the bus.”
  • Help the sales and operations teams understand the impact their actions might have on each other’s departments, on customers, and on the company’s bottom line.

Laurie then held regular individual coaching sessions to determine the competencies and skill gaps that existed within the company. She also determined the extent to which employees were growing as individual leaders. Finally, Laurie held team facilitation sessions to gain a sense of how well employees and teams worked together in supporting the growth of the business.


Through the process, Laurie was able to provide important data to the owners—and the employees—about how their company was functioning and how they could expand its potential for growth.

  • The owners gained clarity about which day-to-day activities actually needed their attention and which could be delegated to others in the company
  • The owners began to define the culture that they wanted to have, as opposed to simply living with the culture that had developed during the startup phase of the company
  • The owners came to understand the importance of providing employees with the skills necessary to do their jobs, enabling them to work independently and creatively
  • The employees became more motivated to earn the right to make decisions on behalf of the company
  • Key mangers communicated more effectively with and got better results from their individual staff members
  • The entire company learned about the impact—positive or negative—that a  team or an individual can have on other stakeholders and about the huge potential for collaboration among the teams
  • The entire company began working as a team to align goals and objectives in a conscious effort to grow the bottom line
  • Sales increased 25% from the previous year 



“We hired Laurie to be our personal coach in 2011 and then again in 2013. She has helped us understand our skill sets, as owners, and our employees’ skill sets. We reviewed our culture and began developing a plan for our company that empowers our employees and gives us more flexibility. She was great at explaining in simple terms the things we should be thinking about for our organization. In working with her, we have been able to determine our objectives, examine placement of our employees, and most importantly identify our culture. Even though we have been in business for ten years, Laurie helped us take a broad look at what we were doing, which facilitated us thinking about things we hadn’t looked at before. Her knowledge of business and advice on internal issues has been extremely helpful to us in continuing to build our business. Working with Laurie is helping us get to the next level.”


“Laurie’s ideas have helped us tremendously, not only with increasing sales but with keeping our employees motivated. I would highly recommend her, and anyone can call me to discuss.” 

Contact Laurie (513-785-0673) if you’re interested in having a more happy and efficient company!

Laurie Fitzgerald AlthausAbout Now & Next

Now & Next is not about re-creation, it’s about evolution.  It’s not about life coaching or business coaching; it’s personal coaching that allows the client to get out of their own way so they may self-discover their potential and a world of new opportunity.

Helping Clients to Create Their Best Possible Life
Creating the best life possible begins with a fresh way of thinking.  But sometimes, it can be difficult to maintain that fresh perspective.  Coaching is an opportunity to bring an objective perspective to your present situation—whatever that may be—through a trusted friend who is completely committed to your growth and success. Laurie Fitzgerald Althaus is a seasoned personal coach and trusted advisor with over 30 years experience as an entrepreneur, corporate executive, and owner of three businesses. As your personal coach she has the ability to see what you may not be able to see about your situation.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
Different from consulting, where an expert provides answers and instructions, Laurie’s coaching aims to empower you to uncover your own creative solutions to the obstacles that you face, whether they have short or long term impact.  The result is a solution that’s authentic and natural to you, and perfect for your situation.  Clients experience greater self awareness, peace of mind, better relationships, and improved self confidence.

Now & Next’s Approach
During a coaching session, Laurie listens objectively, asks questions, and gives feedback.  Laurie’s approach is simple, direct, creative, and fun.