What does your face say about you?

Consider the value of learning a skill that helps you to develop a deeper understanding of every person you will ever interact with.

This week’s Now & Next Radio Show features Lin Klaassen, one of the world’s top experts in the field of Face Reading, an ancient science practiced by visionaries such as Aristotle, Da Vinci, and Michelangelo that correlates facial features to character traits. Lin shares that “face reading is different than reading expressions; it is our actual facial structure that tells who we are” Lin shares with us that you can know a person before even speaking with them by reading their facial features; your eye brow formation, your lips, the ways your ears are positioned, high forehead all tell others about what makes you tick and how to interact with you. 

Lin shares stories of clients she has helped in jury selection, sales training, relationships, parenting and poker consultation.  She has been lecturing and training businesses and organizations internationally. She has written 7 books on the topic, given a TEDx talk, and her client base spans 17 countries.