Stress Can Control Our Lives

Controlling stress in our over stressed lives is one of the greatest challenges people face in work and family life today. Have you noticed that when stress rises so does your bodies reaction to it; causing a viscous cycle of more stress and body tension?

Laughing Through Your Stress

We’ve created a Now & Next Radio episode about how to laugh when stress arrives! Geri Sue Sandor is a Stress Reduction Specialist and will be introducing us to a therapy that might seem a bit unusual. Laughter as therapy; not just any laughter but purposeful laughter that leads to increased health and happiness. Laughter Yoga as a powerful tool to use to relieve stress. Geri Sue is passionate about empowering people to become healthy, happy and add more calm to their life. She has a unique approach through healthy eating, creating a healthy environment, adding more laughter to your life, breathing techniques and naturally balancing your hormones. Geri Sue’s motto is When life becomes stressful, breathe in deeply, then laugh. It is a great way to relieve the stress!

On the Show

Geri Sue Sandor is a stress reduction specialist and will be introducing us to laughter yoga as a therapy for stress. Dawnie Heartwell is a globally recognized executive business coach, based in Calgary, Alberta CA. It is helping people discover their purpose and direction for more fulfillment, success and happiness in their life that really makes Dawnie’s heart sing. She is co founder of GEMS To Success, Changing the way women are in the world.