You Are a Product of Your Environment

It is said that we are a product of your environment. Who we associate with and what we read are all factors in our success; but what about our environment? Our physical environment can be the single greatest sabotage that holds you back from what you want.

If you are doing everything right and still not achieving success is it possible that your home, your office, the direction in which you sit be holding you back? On this weeks show we asked British-born certified Feng Shui Consultant Cyd Alper-Sedgwick to join us to share her expertise on how to create success by using the ancient knowledge and principles of Feng Shui. Cyd is known for her creative and resourceful ideas and is a Woman with a great deal to contribute to the value of your life. She has brought peace and harmonic prosperity to many homes and places of business throughout the USA, Europe, and India.

Show Co-hosts

Dawnie Heartwell is a globally recognized executive business coach. It is helping people discover their purpose and direction for more fulfillment, success and happiness in their life that really makes Dawnie’s heart sing. She is co founder of GEMS To Success, Changing the way women are in the world. Laurie Fitzgerald Althaus is the founder of Now&Next Radio. She is a 30 year veteran in business ownership and a certified executive business coach. In her role as founder of Now & Next Personal Coaching for Professional she helps her clients connect the dots of all aspects of their life and business or profession. She coaches and trains business owners, executives and their teams on how to be more engaged in work and life.