The Season of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is the time of year that Gratitude is front and center in our lives. We come together with friends and family and voice recognition of the thanks we have for each other. We reach out to the less fortunate in gratitude for what we have and in return continue in the circle of abundance that sparks thanks and gratitude in others.

My greatest desire is that Thanksgiving and the Holiday spirit are lived and recognized in me every day of the year. I want to feel the love and positive energy that flows so easily when my efforts are focused there. I want to witness the transformation that occurs in children, clients, employees and family when they understand how important they are. And I always want to be reminded by those closest to me when I need a nudge back into the gratitude I want to always live. How wonderful would that be?

Foster a Culture of Gratitude

This article backs up this notion of 365 days of gratitude for employees and the research that translates to better results in productivity and quality. Check out Foster a Culture of Gratitude by Christine M. Riordan

Now & Next Radio Episode on Gratitude

This episode was created with a friend who took on teaching her children the power of random acts of kindness. Do have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember those, who for whatever reasons, may not be feeling grateful right now by sending them your gratitude and random acts of kindness.