How Do You Know Your Plan Is Working?

On our bi-monthly Women’s PowerUp calls, we begin by celebrating each member’s successes and sharing the challenges that kept us from our goals since we last talked. We then moved into the focus of this call. Although each woman on the call has their unique business or profession and life journey, the commonality is their passion and commitment to grow themselves and support each other on their individual paths to success and happiness. On this particular call the question was, “How Do You Know Your Plan Is Working?” The PowerUp women asked that I share their learnings with you so that their actions may serve as an inspiration to continue on the path to achieve success.

Key Discussion Points, Reflections, and Learnings

I know it is working when…

  • I see slow and steady progress. It may not be as quickly as I want, but I have learned to trust the process.
  • It is easier to see results when I am working on a physical project like building a deck or gardening or signing a contract. The internal projects are less apparent, so I look to nature and outward signs for confirmation of my internal work.
  • I have an inner peace in my heart and mind even when other’s notions of my path contradict my internal knowing.
  • I share with and hear other women on the call working through the same challenges. Also, sharing our successes keeps me motivated and focused. I sometimes forget and you all redirect me.
  • The pieces of my life puzzle fit. One piece at a time. Some small pieces some large. I don’t trust the time, I have to keep moving to accomplish all that I am called to do, and it is a lot!
  • I find others who have walked my path before me. I want to know how they did it and glean from their experience. Always coming back to what works for me.

My personal favorite, when asked what the learning from the call was, is this reference to a famous quote from the movie Finding Nemo. This pretty much summed up the learning for every woman on the call.

“When life gets you down, you know whatcha gotta do? Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming.”