I met with a friend from high school recently.

As often happens with high school relationships, she and I were close at one time and life took us in different directions. Jane married right out of college, and her life was steeped in raising children and community projects. She found her passion and calling early on and lived that fully. Jane’s life seemed directed, secure, happy and pretty stable. My life, on the other hand, led me to a bumpy and winding path to find my passion and mission in life. I always felt I was being plopped into situations in life. I followed along, because I really had no better idea of where I wanted to be or who I was becoming. My life’s path was at the whims and follies of the Universe, or God, or the weather (whichever fit at the time).

I did not have a clear idea of why I was where I was, but I did hope, in my late-thirties, that there was a reason for the twists and turns my life was taking; a reason for why I was plopped into entrepreneurship, the successes and failures in business and my personal relationships. I began to see how I was being molded and how a mission was unfolding in my life. So, I learned to follow with a bit more intention. I began to trust that I was being led; even though some of the choices I made ended in painful learnings for me and those around me. I became more curious and purposeful about understanding where this was all leading me and why.

I Don’t Get You

When Jane and I met, we had a very heartfelt talk about our lives, where we are now, and what is next for both of us. I had to chuckle when she lamented that when she hears about my life and what I have been up to she has been confused. “I just don’t get you. It seems like your life has been so messy at times but you always seem to land on your feet. You confuse me and at the same time inspire me.” I understand all too well where Jane and others in my life are confused and inspired. I used to feel that way as well. She hit the nail on the head by noting that I always land on my feet. Always!

Jane’s and my life took very different paths. Ironically, with her children grown and living on their own, she is now stepping into what is next for her and feeling a bit of the uncertainty that I have always experienced as “life.” We agreed that the only thing in life that is certain is change, and that we will both always land on our feet. As I continue to land on my feet, I have come to know that my life mission is to help others understand their own unique path so that they can live confidently and with greater purpose and intention.

Your Life Follows a Cycle

This month’s episode of Now and Next Radio includes an interview with a special guest, Chinello Haney, a teacher of ancient spiritual knowledge. We talk about what can happen when we understand that the events in our lives follow a cycle. There are always ups and downs, good times and challenging times in our life cycle. My life cycle has shown me, just as Jane observed, that she and I will always land on our feet. When we understand our own cycle, we can begin to live with greater courage, take greater risk when life is nudging us to be more, and be less stressed when life throws a curve ball.