There are times that we all get stuck in our thinking.

Your life may be on auto pilot with things going along pretty well and you’re not being challenged. The following blog is a continuation of Getting Unstuck Part I

What Are You Carrying With You?

I met up with my friend Art the other day on my morning walk. He had returned from a two-week motorcycle tour to the National Forests in Wyoming and Idaho with a group of guys. They like that area because they can go off road with fewer restrictions than the State Preserves. The trails are natural and require greater maneuverability, too. He loves the highway power of his BMW motorcycle and the flexibility of off road handling his bike provides.

One day Art decided to take a solo off road trip into the forest. The day was beautiful and the trail was pristine with natural dips and curves on a terrain that had barely been interrupted by humans. Riding along ten miles in, he was doing great until a dip in the ground caused him to fall off his bike. This happens on the back trails, so it’s not a big deal. He usually is able to pick his bike up and ride on. Not this time! The bike landed on a downhill slope. As hard as he tried to push it back up, the weight was just too much.

Frustration, a bit of yelling into the forest and then a bit of fear set in; but he kept trying. He was stuck and getting really bored with himself! Physically exhausted and mentally spent, he stopped to evaluate the situation and realized that if he unpacked his camping gear and backpacks and stripped the bike down, he may have a better chance at righting his bike. So he did, and he did right the bike. He got back up the hill to level ground and repacked his super BMW motorcycle—noting what he was not going to carry with him next time.

Lesson Learned! 

How often, when you are stuck in your thinking or ways of doing things, do you get frustrated, angry, fearful and bored? What if you stop to dismantle and inventory your processes and thoughts? This is a great opportunity to throw away the thoughts that no longer serve you in life and business and repack with what is working and possibly new things you may pick up along the way.

Willingness to Think and Act Differently

Getting unstuck requires a willingness to think and act differently. Life offers us constant opportunities to unpack and repack our bags. To me that is the exciting part of life; the ability to clear out the old and boring stuff to make room for the next shopping trip or cross country tour or new thoughts and experiences. I’ll close today with a reminder of the Norman Vincent Peale’s quote from my blog, Getting Unstuck Part I: “You only lose energy when life becomes dull in your mind. Your mind gets bored and therefore tired of doing nothing” 

My experience includes personally working with hundreds of people who were tired of doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. If you are inventorying your life and not sure what to keep and what to pitch, contact me (513-785-0673).