It pains me when I talk to people who had a bad coaching experience.

In my early coaching days, I know I messed up with those people I wanted so much to help. I was so caught up in what I felt I wanted to impart from my training and personal experience, that I missed the point of what coaching really is; helping people find their way to their own answers. It was not about me imparting my tool kit of wisdom and knowledge.

I knew I was in trouble when my first client told me they felt like the goals we were working on were mine and not hers. OUCH! That was a great lesson for me that I carry with me today. So, how can you do your best to find the right coach for you? I’ll answer this with a question like any good coach would do! Who do you like to do business with? For me and many of the people I associate with, they want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. This is particularly true when hiring a coach.

Some key considerations when hiring your coach. 

  1. KNOW
    • It’s important to know their background and credentials. You may like them but are they qualified? Check their website, certifications or credentials, LinkedIn; check out testimonials on their website/LinkedIn pages―actually call them.
    • Are you speaking the same language? Can you relate? Are you working with the right type of coach (a business coach’s focus is different from that of a transition coach)?
  2. LIKE
    • Personality fit―do you trust them, like them? People like to do business with people they like.
    • Are they real? Can you relate to them? Are they open and honest with you? Are they able and willing to share their personal professional experience with you? Are they guiding or dictating?
  3. TRUST
    • This is natural if you like and know them and vise versa.
    • Do you feel heard? How do you know?
    • Do you respect them? How important is it to you that your coach can relate to your situation and life experience? I liken this to asking, “are you on the same boat”?

Choosing the right coach is an important investment in yourself and/or your business. The key to finding the right coach is doing your homework and asking lots of questions. Just like your coach will ask you. 

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