Inspiration in Times of Overwhelm

This is a great article that one of my clients sent to me with his remarks, remembering that he is not alone in the feelings of overwhelm and bewilderment that accompany entrepreneurial ventures. Opening the door to our dreams certainly comes with new learning, inspiration, and ways of being.  It does not matter the type of business, the experience is similar in the learning that must and does occur if you are to cross the chasm to success… one step at a time.

Getting to the Other Side: The Perfect Storm of Business by Claire Burge

Reading this gave me a sense of peace to be reminded that what I am dealing with isn’t new and certainly not unique to me. All successful businesses have crossed the chasm and I have to cross it too. I will do it I just have to take the right steps. I remember my first year in business. It was a perfect storm in the making: electrifyingly interesting, beautiful even, and equally terrifying. I had no clue what I was doing, and I felt overwhelmed most of the time, never getting through all that had to be done. The ‘to do’ list grew and grew and alongside it, my inability to manage it adequately… [Read the full article]

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