“To Invent, You Need a Good Imagination and a Pile of Junk.” -Thomas A. Edison

This quote really resonated with me, especially after reflecting on a recent coaching session with a client whom we will call John. John has a very strong vision of success and satisfaction for his life and what he wants to provide for his family. John was experiencing a setback and was seeing his life as a mess.

You see John’s life saw him jump from job to job, he had been married more than once, he had a couple failed businesses and was now looking toward what is next. While John, and many others in his life, may have deemed John’s life as a bunch of junk, we talked about what was in that pile and decided that some of it had to go; there was no use for it now. The remaining he chose to carry with him as treasures.

He was reminded of Thomas Edison and other inventors and leaders who refused to give up. They saw failure as learning, an opportunity to fine tune themselves, their processes, their business or relationships. The point is that they did experience setbacks; they learned from them and tried again with newly created tools, new knowledge, renewed inspiration and an even greater imagination. Their inspiration did not come from reading books about others’ journeys. Their inspiration came first from their strong vision and their willingness to get back in the game in order to achieve their dream. John also wanted to evaluate who the naysayers in his life were and then surround himself with those who support his vision and dreams.

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb by discarding a lot of junk that did not work and illuminated the world. Imagine the treasures that are hidden in your junk that can illuminate our world. You deserve to know that!

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