Let’s Have a Real Talk by Laurie Fitzgerald Althaus

Part of the Life Success Seminar Series
April 25, 2012
11:30am – 1:pm
West Chester Conference Center, 9248 Princeton Glendale Road, Cincinnati, OH 45071

Presentation Details…

With technology advancing by the millisecond, designed for faster communication, we have actually disconnected in conversations; affecting our personal and business relationships.

Laurie Fitzgerald Althaus

How difficult is it to be present in conversation and really listen to others. Are you challenged with getting people’s attention through the noise of daily distractions including cell phones, texting and social media? What would it be like to have the types of conversations that have others want to be around you because you understand them and you really heard them?

In this interactive workshop Laurie Fitzgerald Althaus, founder of Now & Next, will

  • Show you 8 powerful questions that are guaranteed to get you new results in your conversations and relationships.
  • Teach you 3 principles that allow you to position yourself for the greatest possibility for a meaningful and results oriented real talk.
  • Have a group conversation about the impact you want to have with those you care about using these tools.

These principles and tools can be used for every conversation with family, friends, business associates and customers.

Join Laurie on April 25th or bring Laurie to your event.