The question is familiar, “how can I create a work/life balance?” I am asked it over and over again by clients. What does it mean and is it really possible?

The Situation

Today’s employers seem to want more of employee’s time than ever. In the US, the average worker puts in 55 hours a week. Whether you add raising children, caring for aging parents, social and community commitments on top of work demands; the stress is certainly there.  The solutions to juggling it all are based on each person’s parameters for work/life balance and the willingness to do whatever it takes to have it.

How To Create Balance

Recently I attended WE Celebrate, a celebration of Cincinnati’s top women in business. The key note speaker shared powerful principles that helped her create and hold her balance.  Melanie L Healey is Group President of North America and Global Hyper-Super-Mass Channel for the Proctor & Gamble company. Needless to say she has a plate load of responsibilities and an active/thriving family life. 5 Ways Melanie L Healey Creates a Better Work/Life Balance:

  1. Have a clear life vision for yourself and your family. This is an individual and family process of dreaming of everything that you want and deserve. Clarity of vision creates passion and the choices that will drive action.
  2. Ask yourself “what can I have?”   A wise friend of mine once told me “when your dreams don’t come true, create new ones!” This particularly comes in handy when the scale of balance is off.
  3. Work for a company that holds the same values and principles as you. A company that encourages personal growth and choices. Believe in what you know is right and set your own personal limits.
  4. Be courageous. Have the courage to stand up and communicate what your requirements are. When the boundary is crossed (which it will be) adjust and get back in alignment.
  5. Stay confident in your work/life balance decisions. Your confidence and commitment to your values will be tested. Those around you around you will be watching to see how committed you really are.

Melanie closed with this statement, “we all know the right thing to do, and the great choose the right thing.” A life with work/life balance is a journey of intentional choices. Living with intention requires taking responsibility for the choices and decisions you make. Being responsible creates commitment and your “stick to it-ness” will lead you to your dream life. Melanie hit the nail on the head with her message of choice and I thank her for that reminder. What is your vision of your ideal life? What are you willing to do to have that ideal life?

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