What I love about the end of the year is that it is an opportunity to start again. My mom always says we get a “freshy” moving into the New Year.

Choosing Your Path

Some of us are coming into the New Year having accomplished our goals, and are beaming with excitement, dreams and expectations for what’s next. For others, 2011 was not so great, and goals and dreams were abandoned. For the not-so- excited, the New Year may be filled with doubt, fear and uncertainty. Wherever you are today, you have a choice to move into 2012 in a new way. Here are some tips to consider as you reflect upon your chosen path.

  1. Review where you are now – What is your 2011 vision for your life and career? What are your top accomplishments? (including the surprises)  What made these accomplishments possible?  What were your greatest challenges?  What have you learned about yourself and others from these challenges?
  2. Create or review your 2012 Life Vision – Make it a very clear vision that includes what you want to HAVE and who you want to BE (based on your 10-20 year Vision, if you have one). Ask yourself: what adjustments will I make to my Long-Term Vision based on who I am now and what I have learned?
  3. Brainstorm strategies to create your 2012 – Allow yourself the fun of letting your mind and heart work together to create your ideal year. The list will likely include much more than you could accomplish in one year. It can include strategies that you considered, but did not choose from 2011.
  4. Choose your 2012 strategies – Choose rather than decide. The difference? Decisions are made by weighing right and wrong, good and bad, and are made from an emotional perspective. A choice is based on facts and reality, and is non-emotional. When you have come to a place of choice you will know it. Your response will be “I choose this because I choose it.”
  5. Adjust when needed – Allow the Plan to flow and your choices to change if needed. When your Plan does not work, plan again. The score at the end of 2012 will be based on your results, not how you got there! I have been teaching Yearly and 90-Day Planning for 6+ years and have never encountered anyone (including myself) whose Plan went exactly as planned.

My best advice for effective goal-setting for the coming year is to have a strong vision. Your vision will drive your choices; your choices lead to dreams; and your dreams lead to FUN! What will you choose to create in 2012?

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