You’ve got a goal and a plan. You’ve taken some first steps. You’re on track to succeed. So why do you feel so agitated, anxious, apprehensive? You’re in a state of “perturbation.” Webster says perturbation is “disturbing the motion, course, arrangement, or state of equilibrium; especially of the regular course of motion of a celestial body”. You’re on a new track, but off your old, and that can be disquieting.

Life in a Tea Kettle

If you think of water in a kettle, before the heat is turned on it’s calm, still; nothing’s happening. With no heat it could stay there for a very long time, but you would never get tea. To make hot tea, you have to turn on the burner which upset the balance of still water. In order to get to its transformed state the heat causes instability, chaos, and right before it blows a great deal of perturbation. The temptation, when the perturbation builds, is to stop. Self-preservation screams, “Let’s turn back; we don’t know what’s ahead!” This is exactly the time to press on—with compassion, of course. Give yourself what you need to feel safe WHILE you push through.

Whether you push through on your own or have a trusted friend to help you push through, the key is to strap on your lifejacket, check for rocks, do whatever you need, then jump. As we go through changeeven desired changewe all hit perturbation. It’s natural and yes, uncomfortable, but if we hold on, transformation does come. Once the change has occurred it is permanent. Once in the water, your fear is gone! The storm has passed and new normal’s begun.

Questions For You

How have you experienced perturbation in your life? When you have pushed through the discomfort what was the result? What occurred for you when you did not push through? 

One simple degree of heat.

211 to 212, and the boiling point is reached. Here is great clip from Simple Truths that helps to explain what one extra degree of effort can make in reaching your ultimate dream life and business. So when you are thinking you’ve had enough or that good is good enough consider one extra step to get to great and try that on.

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