I’m taking a detour in our conversation from my last blog post.

I had planned to continue the blog talking about purpose and team, but I am compelled to share a personal story about purpose and how it has played out in my life. Wikipedia’s definition of purpose is:”That which a person sets before himself as an objective to be reached or accomplished.” This week I officially launch my new business, Now & Next. As I reflect on how I got to my now, I wonder about how this definition of purpose has played into my plan for my life and business. I remember the day that I stepped with intention and purpose in my life, like it was yesterday.

Four years has passed since I asked my coach, Dawnie, if she would help me to be as big as I felt I might be. Dawnie was a master coach for the coaching organization that I was certified under. She facilitated our territory meetings. Her message was the same year after year, meeting after meeting: “Go Big or Go Home” and most of us were not getting the message. On this particular day she showed us a YouTube video clip from the movie, “Facing the Giants” The story was about a typical bad news bears high school football team with low expectations of themselves.

They were experiencing another losing season. During practice the coach pulled the captain, Brock, forward and challenged him do the death crawl with another player on his back. Brock accepted the challenge “to do his very best” and thought he could push himself to go 30 yards down the field with the other player on his back. The twist in the story came when the coach blindfolded Brock and coached him down the entire length of the field. When Brock’s blindfold was removed, he was amazed at his accomplishment. So was his coach.

I finally got it!

I wondered how far I could go, how BIG I could be if I were willing to place the blindfold on and just go for it. I saw how my fear of not seeing what was ahead was holding me back. I knew that I was bigger than who I was at that time and I needed to step up and step out of my comfort zone to reach my full potential. That was the day I asked the number one coach in the entire worldwide organization if she would lead me down the field to my personal BIG. I had no idea what it meant to be coached or what she was going to do for me. I was simply inspired to move forward and knew instinctively that Dawnie would guide me.

What I now realize is that Dawnie had no idea how big I could be either. She shared my purpose and believed in me; but, as with any great coach, she knew it was my path that was unfolding and if she were to place her expectations on me, she would limit me. We have been on the journey of my BIG together since that day.

This week I celebrate the evolution of my personal BIG, Now & Next, Personal Coaching for Professionals.

Now & Next is a celebration of my life’s journey in hope, faith, conviction and the willingness to do whatever it takes to live with intention and on purpose. My purpose is first to be my very best, with the blindfold off this time, into what’s next. And as I chart my new course, I hope to inspire those I am honored to serve as their guide with the same commitment and belief in them as I have had the privilege to experience. For my launch celebration I am hitting the “pause” button in my business to celebrate with those who have surrounded me on my journey. They include friends, family, clients, mentors, alliance partners and many more. The adage of “it takes a village” to grow me holds true. And I’m taking my village into next!

And yes, there will be more celebrations to come. See you next time as we talk about what is going on right now for you, so we can get to what’s next!

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